Welcome to the GamerX Wiki!

This site was created to provide GamerX Players and Admins a central location for all information.

If you have not yet visited GamerX please copy and paste the server addresses into your SAMP browser now…

eu.gamerxserver.com:8800 (Euro Host)

us.gamerxserver.com:8800 (USA Host)

Our main server is GamerX Euro… we are currently in the top 5 worldwide.

GamerX started in December 2006. Since then we have been building up our return players. In January 2008 we became an Official SAMP server, shortly afterwards we went to number 1 worldwide which is where we stayed until we were removed from the Official list in May 2008.

Recently we upgraded our gamemode with a complete rewrite - the result: GamerX v2… it has most of the features that were in GamerX v1 as well as many improvements and new features.

Image by [KFC]Blood.
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